My Blog and what I’m about……


This is my first post on my first ever blog! I hope that someday I’ll get people reading this however I’m sure right now I’m talking to myself. 

I am a complete and utter nail polish addict. I love doing my nails in the evening. My boyfriend thinks I’m strange. My work colleagues think I’m strange. My friends and family think I’m strange. But I love it. 

I haven’t counted how many polishes I have in my stash yet, I need to do so. I also need to start a spreadsheet to catalogue them as I have a sneaky feeling that I may have duplicates in there! I also have a huge amount of untrieds that I’m working my way through currently. Yet I still keep buying more! Thats what an addict does!

I’m 30 years old (cry!) and I live in the UK. 

My favourite brand of polishes are china glaze and HITS mainly. However in the past 5/6 months I’ve really gotten into indie polish makers from the US, which has been my complete down fall. My bank manager hates me! So I’m going to try to stop (I’ve said that quite a lot yet the packages still keep arriving!) and make use of my untrieds and my current stash together with what nail art I have. 

I cannot promise that I’ll be good with words. I cannot promise to post everyday. I definitely cannot promise that my photographs will be any good (I will however read the instruction manual on the camera to try and figure out how to use it better!). 

However what I can promise to tell you about is what I love and what I don’t. I have some ideas about what I’m going to post but I’ll leave it for now and come back soon with some polishes that I’ve worn. 

See you soon! 



One comment

  1. Loolabeanbag

    You’re not talking to yourself, I’m reading and enjoying!
    Earlier today I was wondering whether to store my ever increasing stash by colour or brand, I think I’ll go with your example. Thanks!

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