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Good Afternoon all

After my first post yesterday I thought today it might be nice for me to show you my stash and how I’ve organised it. It also gave me an opportunity to count how many polishes I actually have (as quite frankly I didn’t have a clue!), and to have a little sort out of nail art that I have and tidy it away nicely!

So to the pictures!


I store mine in a helmer organised by colour per drawer. Previous to this they were dotted about the house EVERYWHERE! My boyfriend used to go mental at the various drawers and cupboard they were stored in. Ikea is a bit of a trek for me, but one day I just decided to take myself out for the day and buy one. As with most people putting it together with a bit difficult to do. I got it horribly wrong. My boyfriend of course found this very funny and refused to help, until the next day and he put it together for me in the end. I had a huge amount of fun for the next couple of hours just looking at what I had and putting it all in the drawers. Quite frankly I felt like a little kid again with a new toy! Anyway, on to what is inside my helmer!


This is my pink drawer! When I first started getting into painting my nails nearly every polish I owned was pink! Therefore unsurprisingly this is the drawer with the most polishes in. I have 49 variations of pink! There are a few glitters, shimmers but they are mostly creme’s, which come in handy for layering. You can just about see my current favourite Essie polish at the front. I bought this over christmas in TK Maxx as part of a set. This was the first Essie polish I used and I have fallen in love! The formula is great and the brush is wide enough I can nearly coat my nails in one stroke! I cannot wait to use the others I bought at the same time.


This drawer is my orange/yellow/red drawer. I thought this would be the drawer which had the least amount of polishes in as oranges and yellows aren’t colours I really like. They DO work with my skin tone however but as a colour I’m not a great fan. After counting up this drawer turns out I have 40 polishes. I think this however is made up of the reds. I seem to end up getting reds in sets I order. I do use them but not as often as maybe I should! My favourite red at the moment is China Glaze ruby pumps. A really sparkly colour but quite sophisticated as well. My other favourite in this drawer is a polish by Dollish Polish called ‘dragons breath’. I haven’t got a good enough photograph to show you sadly, but I will use this again soon and make sure I take a piccie to show you. It is a lovely orange glitter which really suits my skin tone and I love it on.


This is my blue and green drawer. Again not that many. Wasn’t a colour I used very often so didn’t buy them very much, but as I’m now branching out blues are my current go to colour. Green again is a colour that I’m starting to use more now but not as often as I should. Looking through this drawer there wasn’t any polish that I particularly ‘loved’. I liked Dollish Polish ‘Expecto Petronum’ (I’ve probably spelt that wrong so I apologise!). This was the first indie I ever bought and the formula was great, as was the effect. This started my love for indie’s which has yet to disappear! There are 45 polishes in this drawer, and its still going up!


This is my black/white/silver drawer. Its amazing how many variations of plain black I actually have!! My current go to is Orly which you can see in the middle. The formula is easy to use and is, for me, a one coater. Lots of various indie polishes in this drawer as they are mainly white based. Shimmer Polish is a brand I’ve recently started buying and her polishes are very pretty. 45 polishes in this drawer as well.


This drawer was the drawer I was most surprised about! I didn’t have that many purples. Only 36 purples! I always count pink and purple as my favourite colours so naturally assumed there would be more. Apparently not. Again lots of china glaze and indies in this drawer which I’ll pull out to show you over time.

So in total I have 215 ‘tried’ polishes. Personally I thought there would be more and I am quite surprised. Oh well, at least an excuse to buy more…… but hang on…. I’ve got one more drawer to show you!


This is my drawer of untrieds. A few months ago I counted and I had 27 untried polishes. Today I have 49! I really want to work my way through them as they are all gorgeous and stunning colours so at the moment (much to my boyfriends disgust) I’m painting my nails every night in an effort to use them all up. I have more polishes on the way incidentally. Some more from Dollish Pollish and from a new brand to me Glitzology. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

Therefore in total I have 264 polishes currently in my grubby little mitts. Its rising, and fast!

Thanks for reading. xx

One comment

  1. Sam

    “Only 36 purples” – this made me laugh! I think I have about 5 lol, I was lucky enough to find my perfect purple fairly early on and I just haven’t need any more!

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