A post of slight disappointment….

Well its slightly worrying that my third ever post on my blog is one of disappointment! But I’m not one to say that polishes (or anything else for that matter!) is great and fantastic if its not.

So I’ll start with the slightly less disappointing polish of the pair I have to show you today.

A England Ophelia. As I’m sure you are all aware A England had a sale recently to celebrate their 2 year anniversary and I took the opportunity to purchase some of the polishes that I’d had a craving for for a while. Ophelia was one of them. The photos I’d seen on other blogs were beautiful and stunning and I couldn’t wait to get it on! This polish has a black base with flecks of purple to make it something a bit different.


The bottle is lovely and the silver lid really makes the polish stand out in my stash. It applied really well and was pretty much a one coater, however I applied a second coat out of habit really. In the normal light of my room the polish just looked black. I stood underneath my lamp and looked, and it still looked black! A tad disappointed I assumed that the sun would bring out the purple.


It kinda did, but kinda didn’t! (Excuse the chip on my thumb, knocked it with the keys unlocking my back door!! Grrrr). It is a lovely polish and one I will definitely use again, but I was a little disappointed I couldn’t get it too look like how the other bloggers have.

My other disappointment of the day was a polish I’d been lusting after for AGES! HITS Glitter Forte Rocker Chic. I’d been badgering the lovely Sally from sallymagpies.co.uk asking when this was coming back in stock and when she advised that it was back I pounced! I love all of the other Glitter Forte polishes. They are full coverage glitter’s. I’d had on Brit Pop not that long before and it was beautiful and I’d been after a black version of it for a while.

To say I was upset when I applied it was an understatement. It wasn’t really full glitter like britpop, it was some glitter in a very very thick black base. It was impossible to do a thin coat, well I say impossible, I managed it on one nail. That one nail dried very quickly, the others didn’t. I had to wait some time before doing a second coat. And that was as bad as the first.


I didn’t bother doing a good clean up as I knew it wouldn’t be staying for long, but can you see how thick and gloopy it is? I’m not sure if the photographs pass that along. I was hoping for flecks of silver but they didn’t show at all.


So yesterday I was a little sad. However tomorrow I will be showing you a polish that I completely love right now. I might even keep it on for longer than 24 hours. But I doubt it!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Sam

    I hate when you lust after a polish for ages and then, when you finally get your paws on it, it’s not the beauty you’d imagined! I have a couple of the A-England holos and I adore them, but I haven’t been particularly keen on any other the newer non-holo ones that have come out.

  2. June

    I wouldn’t be worried that your third post is a ‘negative’ one – I like that! Just lets me know you’re an honest reviewer and not one who only talks sunshine and rainbows. 😉 And I’d heard The Gothic Beauties were very dark, but that’s kind of ridiculous! I can’t believe how dark it is. It still looks pretty, though!!

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