A day of being in love!

Firstly I just wanted to say that it appears I’m not talking to myself! Wow! Thanks for your support and comments, it means a lot. Anyway……

After yesterdays disappointment I was very keen to put something on that I hoped I would love and as the sun is out for the first time in what feels like forever, I put on a halo.

A England St George to be precise! Again this was one of the polishes I bought in their recent sale.

Doesn’t it look gorgeous in the bottle?


As previously this applied really well and was pretty much a one coater, but I applied a second again out of habit. Dry time was super quick.


This is it without a top coat. I was a bit worried that a top coat would dull the halo so I took a before picture.



As you can see my choice of topcoat, Porshe, didn’t dull it much if anything at all! I have to say though that these photographs do not do the polish justice at all. It was really difficult to be able to photograph it well. (still haven’t read the instructions to my camera…..).

So I’m in love with this polish, and after the sadness of Ophelia, I’m glad that I now love the A England brand again too. I’ve still got more to use so I hope I’ll love them too.

Thanks for reading xx

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