Dandy Nails – Come out and play!

Hello again!

I hope everyone is ok and not getting too wet with all this lovely winter weather we are having!

Today I’m going to talk about ANOTHER indie polish by Dandy Nails. Dandy Nails only ships to the USA but you can purchase her polishes through others like Llarowe or Ninja Polish. I bought mine from the latter during one of her restocks towards the end of last year.

I’m not sure why this one has sat in my untrieds for such a long time, because I love purple polish. I think it just got forgotten about the sea of all the other untrieds I had which I was more excited about, if that makes any sense at all! But anyway here it is now.


This polish is purple jelly with white matte glitter. You’ll notice alot of the glitter has settled at the bottom despite me standing the polish upside down for AGES! But regardless lots came out. It was very easy to use, not gloopy or runny, just perfect. I put two coats on but after seeing it in daylight I really wish I’d put another coat on. I’ll remember for next time! You’ll notice a little bit of shrinkage due to my choice of top coat (Bloody SV!) despite me tip wrapping but oh well!


The polish has so much depth (I hate that word but I can’t think of any other way to describe it!) and was a polish that I spent quite alot of the day staring at.


Doesn’t it look gorgeous? In this light it looks a lot more of a plum colour rather than the darker purple on the artificial light photographs.


In natural light you can just see the nail line, this photograph alone convinces me that three coats would be better.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading. x

PS I’ve worked out how to make the pictures bigger without you needing to click on them, an improvement?

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