Layla Softouch effect


Today, for a change, I’m not posting about an indie polish. I’m posting about Layla polishes. I love them. Really good quality polishes, and normally quite hard to get ahold of in the UK, until the lovely Sally from starting stocking them.

I saw the softouch polishes about in various blogs and when she had them in stock I was very excited and ordered some right away. This is one of them, a lovely turquoise blue. Puts me in the mood for spring.


The polish doesn’t really dry matt or with a bumpy texture. Looks like velvet really but feels very smooth to the touch. Unfortunately as I learned it might be worth giving your nails a quick buff before applying as it does show the imperfections, oppss! Layla says you don’t need a base coat or a top coat.


So I didn’t use one. However you can use one if you wish and it won’t spoil the effect, but I chose not to knowing that to get through my untried stash it wouldn’t stay on for long!


I really like it as its different to what is out there at the moment with other matte and textured polishes.


Yup, really should have buffed!


Sadly I haven’t yet worked out how to take good close up shots, but I thought I would use this anyway as it does show to a certain extent what the texture of the polish is like.

Is this one you would buy? I’m certainly going back for more!

Thanks for reading. x

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