China Glaze Creative Fantasy and Dollish Polish Pixie Dust


Today I’m going to talk about a mainstream AND indie polish!

First up China Glaze Creative Fantasy. This is from their Cirque Du Soleil collection. I ordered the WHOLE collection when I first saw it as I knew I’d never be able to choose and I’m glad I did. There are some gorgeous polishes.

This one surprised me a lot, mainly because it was a jelly!!


It applied a little runny and for me it took three coats to get good coverage, however it did dry very quickly between each coat. On the photographs you can still see the nail line a little so if I was wearing this by itself I may have put on a forth as I wasn’t just quite happy enough with it.



The polish itself actually dries quite matt so a top coat to give it some shine would be needed.

However I decided to layer this up and put on Dollish Polish Pixie Dust. This is not a polish you can wear by itself and from looking at other swatches on line, one which would need to be worn over a dark colour.

These are the results!



As you can see in artificial light it makes the purple look blue and sparkly! With hindsight I don’t think however I would have layered it over this polish. I think a creme would have been more appropriate because of the amount of layers of the purple I had to put on to get it opaque.

The formula of Pixie Dust was very thick and a little thinner I think would be needed for future. It applied ok however despite this and I put two coats on to get as much glitter as possible!

This is it in sunlight (the small amount we had today between the rain and the snow!).


Picks up a lot more of the white flecks in this light.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading x


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