OPI – Princesses Rule

Evening everyone!

Before I talk about todays lovely polish I just wanted to add something from my previous post regarding the turquoise Layla Polish that I posted about the other day. I was going to mention this in my last blog but completely forgot!

The removal of the this particular soft touch was a little tricky….. mainly because once the polish got onto my skin it would not come off! Nail varnish remover would not shift it off my skin. In the end I had to use some scrub to get it off. Complete nightmare! The other soft touches that I have didn’t have this problem, so not sure why this one did. Anyway onto todays polish!

This polish is part of a set I bought at TK Maxx called Princesses Rule, it was the grand sum of £9.99 and come with this really cute lip gloss, which actually I really love! Have worn it pretty much every day since I bought it!


Aren’t they cute?!

Anyway the polish itself formula wise was great, no problems at all. I applied 3 coats and probably could have done another one, but got away with it. There is a shimmer to the polish and it really glows. This polish is one I’d wear to an interview or such.


In this artificial light there is a hint of gold to it as well. I think this polish would be great as undies to A England She Walks in Beauty.


Nope I still haven’t managed to get a light box sorted. I was hoping to make one out of a cardboard box like the various you tube videos I’ve seen, however finding one is tricky! Supermarkets used to put them at the end of their checkouts for people to take but they don’t seem to do this so much anymore which is disappointing. The search will continue however.


Daylight piccie, wish we’d had some sun today as I would have loved to have seen this in sunlight but alas not to be! Looks a completely different shade under this light and thats why I love this polish so much!

What do you think? One to look out for?

Thanks for reading x


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