OPI – Save Me

Good evening everyone!

First I need to say ARGHHH. Only because its snowing again here. Snow for me is not a good thing. It looks very pretty but is a nightmare to get out and about in. Mainly because I drive a stupid rear wheel drive so I have to walk everywhere, which is fine I’m not adverse to a bit of exercise. Much. But its just such a pain! And the corner shop runs out of milk and bread because everyone panics. Ok thats my whinge over. I don’t think it will settle here thankfully and I feel very sorry for those of you up North who have had, and will have, it far worse than us down South.

Today I’m going to talk about ANOTHER OPI polish. Seems I spend a few days focusing on one brand before moving onto the next, I will ensure that I mix it up a bit. (apart from tomorrows post which will also be about OPI, sorry!).

Save Me is part of the Nicki Minaj collection. I bought this as a mini on sale from Lena White. Due to the snow last month I had to walk an hour and a half round trip to collect this parcel from the depot as I couldn’t get my car out of my road and if I didn’t collect it the courier would have sent it back. Lovely.

Looking at other blogs out there some had layered it over black and some had just put 3 coats on to make it opaque. So I decided to do something different by layering it over white. Not sure it was a wise decision as I’m still on the fence about the combination to be honest but lets see what you think?

I used OPI (well of course!) alpine snow as my base. Was so so about this as well as the formula was right but kept going a little streaky which annoyed me a bit. But dried very quickly.


If I was wearing this alone I would have put a third coat on for sure. This is with two coats.

Save Me has fine silver glitter combined with holographic bar glitter. Very difficult to photograph, my camera would not focus for love nor money so a couple of blurry photographs for you now!


See what I mean?


And now one which isn’t so blurry!


Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of this in daylight as the only time I left the office today during daylight was when I had my lunch and I left my camera in my drawer….. *sigh*. So you’ll have to take my word for it that it was really sparkly in daylight however I suspect this will shine in sunlight.

I think other bloggers layered it over darker colours for a reason. White just doesn’t show it off enough and next time I will try this over black instead.

On another note, in my last blog I mentioned difficulty in find a box to build my lightbox with. Well shortly after I clicked publish OH walked in through the door with the perfect box! So I’ll be doing my blue peter bit at the weekend and hopefully we’ll be able to get some better pictures. Fingers crossed for nicer weather too.

Thanks for reading x


  1. Sam

    Oh I think it’s lovely over white! I agree that it’s doesn’t show off its sparkliness as much as it does over darker colours, but look at all those gorgeous colours you can see in it!

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