OPI – The Impossible

Good Evening everyone!

I hope you are all keeping well and still enjoying my little rambles!

Today I’m going to talk about OPI again but I promise I’ll pull something different out of my stash tonight to talk about tomorrow!

I got this through the post yesterday and I was so excited that I had to try it right away. I’m talking about the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection. I bought the mini set recently from Buyapowa a great site where the more people that buy the cheaper the price! Therefore I got this set for £7.50 plus £1.95 postage which I thought was a bit of a bargain. So unfortunately in the near future you may have to endure me talking about the other three but tonight is the turn of The Impossible.

I was very very unsure whether to categorise this as a pink or a red when I went to file it away in my helmer. In the end I choose pink as the polish did have a lot of pink sparkles in it and went very well with the pink jumper I choose to wear today.

The polish was also VERY difficult to capture on my camera so there are a couple of blurry shots I’m afraid!


At least the blur gives you an idea of the sparkle in the polish.


More of a close up, you can see the larger flecks of pink glitter which in dull light look darker. Unfortunatly we’ve had no sun again today so I haven’t been able to see what it looks like in sunlight, but I suspect this will sparkle like crazy!


This is a natural light shot which gives you a much better idea of the colour. Doesn’t it look lovely?

Applying the polish was easy. For me I put on 3 coats as I still had VNL with 2. However that did mean there was a bit of a longer dry time especially as you don’t use a topcoat to keep the texture. I didn’t mind the texture at all. It seems to be a bit of a marmite idea at the moment, people either love it or hate it. I love the idea of it but I’m still on the fence. It doesn’t feel gritty at all and as it sparkles nice it doesn’t feel like you aren’t wearing a topcoat.

Is this one that you’ll be buying?

Thanks for reading x


  1. Sam

    I can’t bring myself to take my minis out of their boxes..they look so nice and pretty lol.

    I’m warming to these polishes…it does look lovely here, but the texture would do my head in, so I’d have to topcoat it anyway lol.

    • prettypolishes

      I haven’t got room to store them in the box so I’ve taken them out. The only downside is the mini’s don’t have the names on!

      The texture didn’t annoy me as much as I thought it would so didn’t topcoat. I might do next time just to see. Maybe a matt one though rather than glossy.

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