Jindie Nails – Candyland

Hello again

Bit of a ranty blog today I think…… Mainly because I was very disappointed.

When I purchased Starry Night from Jindie Nails to justify the postage I bought a couple of other polishes from her at the same time. And last night I tried the one which most bloggers seem to rave about, Candyland.

Most reviews of this say that the formula is great, that the glitter is easy to get out and is in general fabulous. Well I’m going to disagree I’m afraid.

The formula itself was ok. However I cannot tell you how many coats I used to get it opaque because I lost count. I think it was 4 or 5, but I was getting cross by this point so did loose track!

This is the polish on my left hand


And this is it on my right


As you can see hardly any glitter. I fished around for AGES trying to get them out. I shook the bottle, I turned it upside down for a while but they would not budge. The only decent coverage of glitter I got was on the index of my left hand.


Looks good but the other nails on that hand didn’t fare so well


The index finger looks really pretty and if the glitters would come out as easy on the other fingers then I think this polish would be really lovely, however for me it was not to be. I would love to know how others have managed to get the glitters out and get the effect they did.


This is it in sunlight. No sparkles as it is matte glitter but I like it. Unfortunately I do have some air bubbles. I think it might have been due to the many layers I put on not being totally dry before applying the top coat. But no matter as it is coming off tonight and I’m going to put something much easier to manage on.

I do have another Jindie Polish to try, but I’ll leave it a little while and I hope that that one redeems the brand for me.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Loolabeanbag

    I have had similar issues with Candyland. It has been stored upside down since I bought it as the glitter had sunk a lot by the time it reached me. Despite this I was still fishing, tilting, swirling and collecting bits of glitter from the bottle neck to get some out of the bottle. My finished result was more like a choppy sea of artex than the smooth result that you’ve achieved – I got so desperate to position the glitter that I dabbed some on and dinked the white base in the process. Nightmare polish for me (but I am a certified novice) and I won’t be in any hurry to use it again.I also took mine off prematurely……!

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