Dollish Polish – I’m a Material Girl

Hello again ladies

I hope you are well?

I’ve had a bit of a disaster over the past day. Yes, I’ve broken a nail. So there I was Thursday night with a bit of cut up tea bag and some nail glue desperately trying to get it all stuck together, as I appear to have torn my nail on the fleshy bit! Ouch. Anyway we are all still together at the moment and I hope when I remove this mani later that I’ll still be together then as well!

Anyway, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before Dollish Polish is my favourite indie nail polish brand. She was the first person I bought from and has excellent customer service. I may have more than a few of Dolly’s untrieds in my stash and I can’t believe it took me this long to use this one!

I’m a Material Girl was a polish that I’d lusted after for ages and when I saw in her restock schedule this was coming up, I stalked the site during restock time very very carefully! I was very pleased when I snagged it.

This is a glitter polish in a pink jelly base with circular white and black matte glitters with larger black square glitters.


Doesn’t it look pretty in the bottle?

I layered this over Essie Lights which is a lovely bright pink that I bought shortly before Christmas in TK Maxx. I have used this a lot and may have to find myself a another bottle soon!


I used two coats of I’m a Material Girl. The smaller glitters came out very easily and the formula was a little on the thick side but manageable and managed to apply this with no problems at all. My only disappointment was that it was difficult to get the bigger black squares out which was a shame. But regardless I still love this polish and will look forward to using this again over different colours.


A close up of the polish. A few air bubbles again, I’m just too impatient. I must let coats dry first!


This is a beautiful polish in sunlight. I also think this would look great matte a well as glossy.

Is this one that you would buy?

Thanks for reading xx

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