Femme Fatale – Sinister Calling


Today I’m going to talk about Femme Fatale Sinister Calling. I managed to snag this on Llarowe just before Christmas. Unfortunately I got cart jacked on the other two I wanted, but I am crossing my fingers for a restock tomorrow which I’ve got my eye on! Wish me luck!

Other bloggers when using this polish used an under colour and layered this on top. I decided that I would use this on its on and layer up until opaque. This was a decision I would regret.


I love the look of the sparkles in the bottle. It was the stars that got me though, I’m a sucker for stars!

Formula was good considering how much of a glitter bomb this polish was. To get it looking like this I used three coats.


More of close up…. my camera didn’t like the sparkle too much and struggled to focus.


In artificial light the polish looked pretty good and opaque. However in natural light you could still see the gaps and around the cuticle edges where there was no glitter it looked a bit bare. It also shrunk at the tips which was disappointing.


I liked this polish and I will use again, but will use an undercoat next time.

Anyone else have this polish? What did you use underneath?

Thanks for reading x

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