A-England – Tristam

Another A-England today!

I bought this as part of the sale they recently had to celebrate their 2nd birthday. It was a great sale and I really feel for the A-England team and the problems they are now having since Royal Mail’s new legislation regarding polishes has come in. In my opinion that are being far to cautious. I would love to know why they have now decided to change the rules, and not even publish it very well. Many people have been caught out, sadly A-England is one of those. However they do seem to be getting it sorted, particularly for their many overseas customers.

Anyway Tristam. When I pulled this out of my untrieds drawer yesterday at first glance it looked purple. Wasn’t until I started applying this is a blue, a very dark blue. There is a very slight halo to the polish but its been snowing here all day today so unfortunately I do not have the sufficient light to show you that. So just a couple of pictures today.


Formula was again great, nearly a one coater. The trouble was I just couldn’t appreciate the polish enough in this dull weather which is a shame.


Also sadly I’ve only worn this polish for less than 24 hours and I have horrible tip wear already, despite wearing a top coat.

I’ll try this polish again in the brighter weather, but sadly at this precise moment, its just not for me….

What are your thoughts?


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