Barry M textured effects

After seeing this new collection in the bloggers world this immediately became a must have! I managed to go into town at lunch and snag all 4 textured polishes from Superdrug on their 2 for £6 offer.


Today is a super quick swatch of Atlantic Road and Ridley Road especially for Loola from the Nail Polish Addicts Forum who ordered, I mean, asked me nicely to swatch them!

These are very rough as I should be doing my valentine mani. Not that OH has twigged about it yet anyway!

Formula was great and very easy to apply. Full coverage in two coats. First coat was very quick to dry, second coat not so much!

I really like these as I’m particularly crap with nail art I love to use polishes which are different instead.

So without further ado, the rather crap piccies. I’d recommend them. Superdrug are doing free delivery until tomorrow so get in there quick!




PS sorry about smudge on index finger, wasn’t concentrating and hit my glass as I was going to pick it up!!!



  1. LoolaBeanbag

    Thank you so much for the short notice swatches, you’re an absolute star!!
    I thought I’d prefer the green,but actally the blue is my favourite. You’ve made them both look gorgeous.
    Your recommendation is good enough for me, I’m off to order (and may bung a bottle of the croc effect in too)!!

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