Essie Fear and Desire with various!

So I fancied trying my other untried essie, fear and desire but I wanted to do ‘something’ with it rather than leave it plain. You’ll discover quite quickly that I cannot do nail art of any form so I decided to use my also untried Barry M croc effect polish!

Stupidly I forgot to take a picture of the essie before I applied the croc effect, mainly because the instructions with the croc effect said that you can’t apply to dry polish and the essie dried super fast!

Crackle polish and it’s various counter parts are everywhere all over the market at the moment and as such it’s gone out of fashion. But actually I quite liked this polish. It’s different to the glitters I normally wear.


This is it applied, I like it!


I then decided I wanted to add a little something else!


Yup Technic Carnival! I think my nails now look like a circuit board!


Rather than reach for one of my glossy top coats however I decided to use a matte top coat.

All in all a very bizarre combination of polishes in today’s post!!!

Thanks for reading x


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