My attempt at a Valentines mani

Well I’m a bit cross today. I was really looking forward to my valentines mani but it just went horribly wrong so only 1 piccie I’m afraid but I’m just that disappointed!

The polishes I used were:

– OPI alpine white
– OPI Nuthin’ mousie bout it

Accent nail was HITS glitter forte in red with some hearts from the born pretty store. With hindsight I wish I’d used the HITS polishes on all my nails and just used the hearts on my accent nail. Oh well I’ve learnt another lesson!

As other bloggers have mentioned the hearts in nuthin mousie are hard to get out and there was alot of fishing about!

The formula of the glitter forte was much better than the rocker chic I tried a few weeks ago.

The ONLY reason I ended up being cross with this mani was my old foe – air bubbles. *sigh*

I really really must learn some patience! I may also put a bit of thinner in my topcoat and see if that helps.


If it wasn’t for the bubbles I’d probably be happier but I’m not.

Hope everyone is having a great day whether you celebrate or not. xx

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