Barry M textured polishes Station Road

After my very short swatch session of the blue and green the other day, I decided I wanted to use one of the others, in particular the yellow. Station Road.

I’ve recently discovered that orange and yellows suit my skin tone and I was keen to see if this was the case with the textured polish.

In the bottle there was a very slight sparkle, which reminded me of the liquid sand collection. But I hasten to add that this was the only polish in this collection which had this sparkle.

I used two coats of this polish. The first dried really quickly but the second took a little longer. After a couple of hours it was completely dry and the effect was really shown.

In natural light the polish certainly looked like a pastel. Unfortunately the sparkle didn’t show through as much as I thought it would in this light.


This photograph really shows the texture which isn’t as rough as it looks, more smooth feeling. Not as soft as matte polishes but not as hard as the OPI liquid sands.


This was a bit of a random photograph taken whilst I should have been listening to a lecture about contracts. Sadly for me I know too much about the type of contract he was talking about so was easily distracted!! Haha. Anyway I was looking at my nails again and suddenly the strip lights in the class room caught the sparkle. This is slightly blurry to show the sparkle.


In artificial light the yellow looks a lot darker, which I don’t mind either.


I was trying to show a lot more of the texture on this picture, I’m not sure if I succeeded or not!

I was asked on the forum last week if I would try this with a top coat, so I put on a coat of SV. I have to say I didn’t like it. It wasn’t as nice as before and unlike the Liquid Sand polishes which had a lot of sparkle to bring out once topcoat was applied this didn’t. The texture is what makes this polish. In my opinion putting on a top coat make the polish look dirty and didn’t bring out what little sparkle there was at all.



I just checked the Superdrug website to clarify the name of this polish and its sold out already!!! That was fast. I’m glad I managed to pick mine up when I did.

Is this one you’ll be trying to get hold of?

Thanks for reading. x


  1. LoolaBeanbag

    Mmmmm, it looks like it’s been sprinkled with sugar! I’m not sure that I can wait a couple of hours for it to fully dry though.

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