Glitzology Polishes

Well these arrived today after a lengthy wait from the USA. Well I say arrived today, I collected them after having to pay the £12 customs and handling fee. Doh!


Don’t they look good! I’m a complete sucker for glitter and I just couldn’t resist these!

The cupcake oil I’ve tried already and it does smell like cupcakes to begin with. I’ve had it on a couple of hours and now it smells more like the wax I use on my car. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a good reminder I should be out there cleaning the ole girl up! Poor thing is disgusting.

It’s quite thick and not a lot comes out on the brush, but I don’t think a lot is needed. This is going to become my work desk oil so I’ll have a better idea how it stands the test of time in due course. At the moment though my cuticles look good.

Now I just need to go and work out how much my customs fee on a recent extortionate Shoppe Electico order is going to be……..


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