OPI Stay the Night

Hi! I’m back!!! My nose has officially stopped running thank the lord!! You will also notice that my nails are now alot shorter….. My broken pinkie finger grew out and my other nails were looking a bit ropey so I decided to cut them down. I don’t actually mind them this length but I’m sure they’ll grow out quite quickly.

So I decided to try another of the OPI liquid sand polishes, stay the night. This was the polish that really made me want this collection and I love this polish lots!


Natural light in my garden! Sadly the sun has decided to completely disappear again. In fact it’s freezing here right now, but I digress. I imagine in the sun this polish would be amazing and I’m very sad that I live in a country where we rarely get sun!


Slightly blurry photo to show sparkles!

This polish was super easy to apply. Went on in two coats. Of course no top coat was applied. However I put this on last night and I have a very slight chip on my pinkie finger of my right hand. Not noticeable really but I know it’s there!


Again I like the texture, it’s something totally different to the norm and this is one I’ll wear again without a doubt!

Thanks for reading! x

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