Ninja Polish Pinkerbell

Today I’m talking about a polish which has been in my untrieds for FOREVER. So long in fact the polish had separated a little. Cue lots of shaking rolling and turning the bottle upside down!

I’d read elsewhere that Pinkerbell would be opaque in two coats. Well I’m not sure if because of the separation this changed the way the polish applied but I had to use four coats and even then there was the odd patch. I have some of the other floams from Ninja and didn’t have this problem with the others. This one needs undies!!


I decided that as the glitter was matt I would use a matt top coat. Rimmel is currently my matte coat of choice. Great brush and dries super fast!

The formula of Pinkerbell was slightly hard going but again I’m not sure if it was because of the separation or not.


No natural light piccies today as it had been horrible cloudy and I didn’t get a chance. Looks the same however.


Would I use again? Probably not. Wish I’d used it when fresh. However even if I had and come back to it now, I’d be having the same problems. Shame really as I wanted to love it!!

Thanks for reading x



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