Glitzology Crown Royal

Decided to use another of my glitzology polishes last night. However the biggest surprise of the evening was the undies I used! During the winter Next sale I picked up a make up set which had this polish in. Didn’t think much of it but as crown royal had gold flakes I thought I’d use this.


The formula was fantastic, really easy to use and was a one coater with hardly any brush strokes! I was very very impressed and will use this again!

Unfortunately the glitzology polish let me down a little again. This time before I used it I put in a little thinner to see if that would help with the application of it. It didn’t and with my current shorter nails was a nightmare to use!

There is some holographic gold circle glitter which sparkle nicely together with the purple glitters.


Not sure how I feel about this mani. Couple of very poor close ups for you.



I’ve used 2 of the 7 polishes so far and I’ve been a bit meh about both. I hope this isn’t the case and time will tell, but I hope these aren’t polishes that look better in the bottle than my nails……..

Thanks for reading x


  1. LoolaBeanbag

    Love the dot glitters and the colours, but I’m not so sure about the shards. If only I could find a white that performs like the Next gold one………
    Thanks for the pics.

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