Essence Alice had a vision

Hello again!

It’s official I love this polish! I kept it on for 2 whole days!!! That’s a long time for me! Essence is a brand very hard to get hold of in the UK however I did a group buy with some ladies from the nail addicts forum to purchase the breaking dawn collection from a Spanish website. They arrived super quick and I was very pleased. However I’ve got the even more exciting news that Sally’s Magpies is going to be selling the Essence and Catrice brands very soon! Can’t wait! Not sure if she’ll be stocking this collection but if this polish is anything to go by I simply can’t wait to get others of this brand!

The polish looks black at first glance but when you get it into the light the purple flecks really start to show! Applied really well and was opaque in 2 coats.


We managed to get some sun in this part of the UK yesterday so managed to take advantage whilst I could. In Tesco’s car park!!!!! Anyway…… Doesn’t it look fab!


This is in the shade but in daylight. This really show the blue flecks in the polish to!


This is the polish today and sadly there is a little bit of tip wear but I do type quite alot!


Very poor close up! I’ve got the other polishes in this collection and I can’t wait to use them!

Thanks for reading x

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