Colour Club, Harp on It

Well I watched the weather forecast and got told that we’d see the sun! Therefore I decided to break out a halo!! I’d only just got this from Sally’s Magpies so I was desperate to give it a try!

This is 2 coats, no top coat. Easy to apply, but dry time took a little while. I’m to used to my quick dry top coats!




Sun!! Stunning, love it!


Close up……….

Can’t wait for some more sun to appear. Forecast rain now…. 😦

Thanks for reading x



  1. LoolaBeanbag

    That’s quite something. How do you rate it against Layla Mercury, and how’s it faring wear wise?
    Thanks x

    • prettypolishes

      I don’t have layla mercury I’m afraid so I can’t compare but I may rectify that in the near future! Wear wise not to bad I took it off after 2 days and there was only a slight chip on my pinkie finger.

      • LoolaBeanbag

        Thanks! I’m lucky if I can get one day out of any holo and I haven’t yet found a top coat that doesn’t dull them. I’m very tempted to try the Color Clubs now.

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