Femme Fatale Crimson Acolyte


Not around much this month as work is keeping me busy…. Financial year end. *cry* but I’ll pop in when I can!

Today I’m going to talk briefly about another lemming of mine! Femme Fetale is a brand quite hard to get hold of in the UK as they don’t ship direct from Australia due to legislation so international stockists are the way forward! Llarowe stock them but with the recent USPS postage increases and Customs lowering the limit it makes life a little difficult for us addicts! Therefore I purchased these, along with a few others from Shoppe Eclectic who are based in Singapore. But you pay 10 sgd and you get a fair few polishes posted for that price rather than 1 polish is this but if you order more its this….. If you see what I mean?! I ordered 5 and they arrived super quick! Less than a week!!! Very impressed!

Anyway into the polish! Formula was fab! In used undies of China Glaze Escaping Reality which is pretty much a one coater, with 2 coats of crimson acolyte


The pink was alot more vibrant then is seen in other swatches so I was quite pleased!


Cloudy overcast daylight shot!


Indoors! My focus does not like glitter! Must get that sorted and stop being lazy!


Overall I really like this polish and was worth the wait in getting these!!

Thanks for reading x

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