Jindie Nails Burrberry

Well its snowed again! British Summer Time starts next week. honestly. i therefore decided to use this polish as the name was quite apt!

I’ve had a bit of a mixed history with Jindie Nails. The other 2 polishes I have of this brand I didn’t get on with too well. Luckily this polish has saved it for the brand, I love this very very much! So much I might even keep it on for more than 24 hours!

I figured the polish would be a bit opaque so I decided to layer this over OPI Alpine Snow and I’m glad I did. It makes the coloured glitter really stand out. Application, unlike the others, was a complete dream! Glitters came out really easily and 2 coats over the white was sufficient.


Taken in artificial light.


Natural light.


Close up in natural light.

I really love the mixture of matte and sparkly glitter. I think a matte top coat would look great.

I’m glad that I love this polish as I knew there must have been a reason for the hype.

Thanks for reading x


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