HITS Glitter Forte Progressivo

This is another purchase from the lovely Sally.

I really liked the first polish I used of this range, Brit Pop, but didn’t like the last one I used, Rocker Chick. So it was with some trepidation that I picked this from my untrieds to use.

Formula wise? Thick, very thick. This one is very fine glitters in a purple tinted base. I managed to get the hang of it by the third nail along and managed to do thin layers. This opaque within 2 coats. Under artificial light this is very sparkly and I love it. I really wish we has some sun in the UK!

Sadly my camera still cannot focus on glitters so there are some blurry shots coming up!


Natural light.


Artificial light.


Dodgy close up!

I prefer this to rocker a the formula was more manageable. It’s also very top coat hungry. I applied two coats and it still wasn’t smooth!!! Should have used some glitter food, but don’t like to waste it!

Thanks for reading x



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