China Glaze In The Rough

You may recall I had some ‘issues’ with the last china glaze textured polish I used last month, to-tally textured. Well I’ve had much more success with In the Rough!

I decided before I was going to use it to add a little thinner, and I really think that helped! I did 2 super thin coats and I waited about 15 mins for the first coat to fully dry before I put on the second.

I love the colour and the texture looks so much better than before! I’ll use the orange again now I know what I’m doing!


Artificial light.


Natural light.


Dodgy close up.

On another note I’ve managed to find the best place to take natural light piccies! The ladies loo at work!! Random I know, but the light is great from the window and the white background really helps also!

Before you think I’m too gross it’s in a separate section to the actual toilet but I think these piccies have come out better than usual?

What do you think?

Thanks for reading x



  1. LoolaBeanbag

    Really quite like this polish! it reminds me of an avocado.
    Make sure you don’t get caught loitering in the ladies lavs with camera in hand!

  2. Dazza

    It’s funny reading this considering our conversation we had the other night about a certain someone taking a long while in the lav! Do they go into the toilet with a camera too? lol! On a more professional note, having been reading your posts back to front from most recent to now, I think I prefer the “dodgy” close ups (to quote you!) with 2 fingers as opposed to 1… just my opinion though. This close up is great!

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