OPI it’s all about the glam & Seventeen black texture

Hello ladies!

Washing is nearly caught up with. Kinda. Ok it’s not, I got bored. Painting my nails and dying my hair is much more important!!!

Today I’ve attempted nail art!!

Well kind of. As a general rule I don’t do nail art as I’m crap at it! But as my untrieds is starting to get slightly overwhelming I’m trying to use more than one at a time!! Hence today’s black and white!

The white polish is Nicole by OPI It’s all about the glam. Not a great formula to be honest. After 3 coats it was still patchy. The polish does have a slight shimmer to it (which I cannot photograph at all!) so I thought I’d use a texture for the black.

Seventeen texture polish in black is just as user friendly as the red I blogged about previously. I could have got away with 1 coat but chose 2 out of habit.

I applied the white first. Waited until it was dry and the used Sellotape to mark off a section of the nail and painted the black on. I peeled off the tape whilst the black was still tacky. The texture polish dries super fast so I had to watch out!




What do you think of my attempt?

Thanks for reading x



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