Dollish Polish You’re a Sweet Tart

Well. I’m not sure how to write this post. I’m devastated! I love Dolly and her polishes but I’ve now come across one which I cannot get on with.

I’m a Sweet Tart is from her candy series and I bought this during one of her recent restocks.

When it arrived I noted that the glitter was predominately on one side of the bottle and I figured it was just settlement from its journey across the pond. So the bottle has been stored the right way up and I turned the bottle upside down and sadly the glitter wasn’t budging!


See what I mean?

Application did cause more problems. It was thick. Really thick! I did get some glitter on the brush however. But after one coat I decided to add a little thinner to see if that makes it more manageable. It did but had the adverse affect of making the glitter difficult to get hold of. These photos are 3 coats.




Natural light. Can you see that it didn’t apply well? Quite uneven sadly.



Dodgy close up. I like the polish but it was far too difficult to apply.

Thanks for reading x

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