Sinful Colors 24/7

Well I wanted to post this yesterday but I got cross because I couldn’t get this polish to photograph right!!!

Sinful Colors is a brand that used to only be found it Poundland or The Original Factory Shop, now Boots stock it and obviously have a lot more range. Sadly my local does not but a couple of weeks ago I was passing though Lakeside (as you do!) and they did. I could tell that the stand had already been raided but I did manage to pick up a few! (Read lots…. Well they were on 3 for 2!).

Today I used 24/7 which is a proper neon pink. You nearly need to wear sunglasses with this!!! Unfortunately it was so bright my camera didn’t like it! So the pictures make it look like a soft pink, which it isn’t!

Application was great, required 3 coats however so wish I’d put a coat of white on first.



These were taken in dull natural light.


Artificial light.



If you love bright, then you need this polish!

Thanks for reading x


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