Kiko Sugar Mat 646

Shock horror! I’ve liked a polish so much I’ve worn it for more than a day!!!!!! Considering my untrieds that’s a miracle.

This polish is fab! Applies really well, this took 2 coats. Dries super quick and is quite frankly gorgeous!






Feels like all the other textured polishes around and wear time appears good! Can’t wait to try the others.

Thanks for reading x



  1. Dazza

    That would be another good one for when you have to be “grown up” at work lol! I actually really like how you’ve done this set of photos too – Top one with the mixture of light and shadow, the 2nd one with the one nail in focus may/may not have been intentional, but if you could achieve that effect again with the focus being the foreground nail into non focus with the far nail that would look quite cool… just a suggestion – I’m no expert (as you know!!) 😉

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