Dollish Polish Crystal Empire

So you know me, can’t stay away from a Dollish Polish for too long! This one is from one of her newest collections and is called Crystal Empire. I’m not one normally for glitter toppers but this one had star and moon shapes in and I’m a complete sucker for those!

It was quite easy to apply but I didn’t get as much glitter out as I would have liked. There was a little digging required.

The photographs are two coats over Zoya Jewell and as you can see even with two coats its a little sparse, but this maybe what you prefer. Personal I prefer sparkles and plenty of it!!

 photo 8fc0776258116ad97d4bbf9d0fdec925.jpg

Right hand, as you can see a little sparse.

 photo 560e205942c90585967101baf4cdbdcd.jpg

Thumb nail which I managed to get the most of the glitter on.

 photo 85643de15943a1374c6d484a0d1803ac.jpg

 photo fd74007b0473383b6a2a24ccd0cf9770.jpg

Left hand

I really do like this polish. It would be fun over lots of different colours.

Thanks for reading x

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