Sinful Colors Nail Junkie over Kiko 341

Hello again ladies!

I went to London yesterday for work and DIDN’T BUY ANY POLISHES!!!!!! I’ll admit though it wasn’t for the want of trying! Went into Selfridges to pick up an Illamasqua polish thats OOS on their site. Sadly Selfridges didn’t have it in stock either. I wouldn’t have minded if the sales person hadn’t been so bloody rude in their response! Oh well….. So I went to Primark instead and bought loads of clothes. Most of them don’t fit luckily for my bank balance so will have to go back…. Anyway I’m getting slightly off top here aren’t I!!! Todays polish!

 photo 6CE3A597-88E6-4D24-805D-FBC84007ADA1-5162-0000037786189F17.jpg

Isn’t this pretty!! This is layered over 2 coats of Kiko 341 which as usual was great to apply and was a really lovely turquoise. Kiko are doing an offer on their website at the moment of their polishes at £2.50 which is a complete and utter bargain! The only downside is that there is a minimum spend of £25. Actually that isn’t a bad thing. You’ll do it easily! However the dispatch time is horrific! They say 48/72 hours on their website. Its honestly more like a week. But well worth it.

 photo 2C08D482-E3BA-462E-AF17-4DEFD5C3D958-5162-00000378AAC63B5D.jpg

Isn’t it pretty?

Following photographs are with just 1 coat of Sinful Colors (hate spelling it that way… its colours!!!) on top in natural light.

 photo AF2B3613-D917-4949-8CF7-19C3E5457F49-5162-000003778F4EBAB8.jpg

 photo 323B7633-9943-4719-8625-97BE56A642D8-5162-000003779869ED11.jpg

 photo 70DEE567-0155-4147-BD2A-45AA621457F4-5162-00000377A0073D33.jpg

As usual with me and glitter polishes, its difficult to photograph but I love this soooo much!!

When I first got it I did wonder if it was a dupe for Dollish Polish Mermaid Scales and it is very similar however Sinful Colors is slightly more turquoise whilst mermaid scales is more blue. Similar size glitters. If you are lemming Mermaid Scales, I believe that its heading to Dolly’s ‘Acetone Vault’ then Sinful Colors is a good replacement.

 photo DFD10D31-C5BB-46E1-88F0-4F7B8C2C8A27-5162-000003777C4AECFD.jpg

What do you think to this polish? Can’t wait to try some more Sinful glitters!

Thanks for reading x

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