A England – Ascalon

Hello all again!

This is the polish I wore went I went to London during the week. As a rule my employer is pretty relaxed about the polishes I wear, they are used to the wacky colours I wear. As long as I do not go silly when I know I have meetings or conferences.

The meeting I had in London was with an external company and there would be people there who work for other companies so I thought I should be work appropriate for a change!

This took some time to decide what it would be, as I don’t have many work appropriate polishes within my untrieds it would appear. But in the end I decided to go with subdued but different. A England Ascalon is a medium toned grey. It has a very slight halo but only in very strong sunlight. In certain lights it appears to have purple tones. A very interesting polish.

 photo 2E13A3D6-FFD3-4C07-8B56-7283A1C58A7C-5753-00000421D2B89029.jpg

The polish applied really well and was opaque within 2 coats. I used a topcoat which I think did dull the halo a little bit.

 photo 593E5128-566B-4D1A-8CF8-6C833C812930-5753-00000421D9AD06E2.jpg

You can just about see the purple in this picture.

 photo 757E0636-080C-4EB0-BEEA-BAA846713BAE-5753-00000421E13E1696.jpg

Like this one a lot, but as its me I’d have to do something to ‘jazz’ it up a little and make it less work appropriate! Also A England have released a new collection. Can’t wait to see swatches of this online. Anyone got any links?

Thanks for reading. x


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