Dollish Polish – I <3 Nerds

I should really have a day when I post nothing but Dollish Polish. Hummm what do you think? I do have rather a few of them!

Today’s Dolly is I ❤ Nerds.

I’ve had some issues with the last few Dolly’s with the formula being a little thick. However THIS formula is what I’m used too and the reason why I fell in love with her polishes! So easy to apply. I used 3 coats. I didn’t need to as it was opaque with 2. The smaller glitters came out super easy during normal application but I wanted some more of the bigger squares which is why I applied the third coat in the hope that they would appear. Sadly not. I did have the bottle upside down for a while, but not for long enough it would appear.

 photo 65EA016D-928B-4CD3-98A9-3737365D1CE6-5753-00000421EC2D8F81.jpg

 photo F14BF903-9EDC-482A-9A98-C20A53A8FF76-5753-00000421F303423F.jpg

 photo 33F0CBEA-7E71-4BFC-B79B-7694618DD6F3-5753-00000421FBCDCD1D.jpg

There is a mixture of purple and blue glitters and its sooooo pretty!

 photo E4ED0DCC-D0B4-46CF-B21A-C21592DF7D38-5753-0000042205536F46.jpg

What do you think. Is this one that you will purchase? Dolly has just restocked at her website and there are some serious pretties left.

Thanks for reading x


  1. uknailrunner


    I’ve only got one Dolly – Expecto Patronum from way back. I can’t keep up with all the indies these days!

    • prettypolishes

      I’m on my hols at the moment but if you google Dollish Polish Big Cartel it should bring up her shop. I understand from her Facebook that she’s having a restock tomorrow!! Good luck!

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