Maybelline – Chalk Dust

As a general rule I don’t like glitter toppers. I prefer my glitters to be already mixed into a polish as I have a really bad habit of getting air bubbles and I really hate them! But I saw swatches of Maybelline’s new polka dot collection on other blogs, and when I saw Chalk Dust, I knew I had to have this polish! And luckily for me it was cheap!

I layered this over a variety of other polishes to see what it would be like.

 photo AFB2FE9D-4D98-4BD1-BFEE-C6542ABAFB83-9184-000006971FDB5A50.jpg

From left to right the polishes used are:

OPI – Red Lights Ahead
Barry M – Papaya
Kiko – 356
Zoya – Max
OPI – Bubble Bath
Maybelline – Chalk Dust

The formula for all polishes was good and 2 coats were used apart from the Zoya and OPI Bubble Bath. Both of these needed 3 coats due to VNL. Bubble bath was more of a jelly than I thought it would be actually.

Only 1 coat of chalk dust was needed and it applied really well! As the glitters within chalk dust were matte I decided to use my trusty Rimmel Matte Finish topcoat.

 photo 582D93B7-4581-406D-B973-F6F783E4D4B2-9184-00000697026CAA2C.jpg

 photo 1DBCA04C-B170-4AB8-9417-E0D3735FF8D8-9184-000006970C0527C6.jpg

Incidentially the polishes in the first photograph are in the same order on my nails starting from my pinkie finger.

 photo 6AC65609-3048-40AC-8037-C55561780159-9184-0000069712A91CFA.jpg

 photo 4D2CF4EE-6FD7-4188-BBF2-D8B261507020-9184-00000697191DD820.jpg

This polish would work over so many different colours and I will try and use a glossy top coat next time as well to see how that would look.

Is this something you would purchase?

Thanks for reading. x


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