Seventeen Textured Polish – Blue

Well after really loving my last mani, I’ve now got a polish I don’t like very much instead. Humph.

I have another of the Seventeen (instead of 17 now) textured polishes in red and I really like it, however the blue was a bit different. It didn’t apply as well and kept flooding my cuticles if I had too much polish on the brush, however the polish dragged horribly if I didn’t have enough and quite frankly trying to find that in between was impossible!

 photo F3B6E1BB-E4E1-4D77-A07C-A52EC14D9E33-9184-00000699E33006AB.jpg

I do not have any have the Nails Inc leather effect polishes, but from the pictures I have seen I can imagine that this was the effect that Seventeen were heading for with this polish. There was some shine to it. No top coat was used in order to keep the effect. The polish was only on for a day and I’ve got some horrible tip wear and a very slight chip on my thumb nail so wear tip for this one is not good!

 photo 0C1F103D-6DFD-4162-A0FA-29019E5006D1-9184-000006972A8B1BFD.jpg

 photo 156894FE-C83A-471B-877A-E597539A7F09-9184-0000069731031F64.jpg

Sorry this photo is really blurry. My camera didn’t like the dull light and dark polish combined! (Yup its raining here again!)

 photo AD788D84-FB75-4261-8415-D671884C89E3-9184-000006973A564A88.jpg

The texture is a little rougher than the liquid sand polishes. About the same as the Barry M ones I’d say.

 photo 40DAD5E6-BAEE-4A0F-A66C-3703CA7B496F-9184-00000697435AA389.jpg

This picture shows off the colour better than the others (please excuse the car key!). In the bottle you’d imagine the colour on the nails being lighter, but it isn’t sadly. Wish it was!

I’ll be honest, although I liked the red and the texture effect, this particular polish is just not doing it for me and will be coming off at the next opportunity. I’ve somehow managed to run out of cotton wool AND acetone. How did that happen?! I mean seriously……

Thanks for reading x


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