Hare Polish – Party Palace


Another indie today, but shockingly, its not a Dolly! Its a Hare! I’ve got a few of these from her spring collection but for some reason that I’m yet to fathom (although I suspect its because I’d forgotten they were there!) I haven’t worn them yet. This is one, Party Palace.

 photo 286DEE38-AD7A-4ED0-9A4F-E84E9F3456CC-10173-000007413564D273.jpg

In some lights this is purple and in others this polish is pink. I arrange my tried polishes in my helmer by colour and I’ve decided to classify it as a pink, so pink it shall be. Unless you look at it in a different light anyway. In some lights you also see the really pretty blue shimmer! This is a very different polish.

The polish is opaque in 2 coats, but I added 3 just to be on the safe side. The glitters are a mixture of white red and pink. Formula was great and it dried super fast.

 photo 8CF57A7C-E497-49B8-AA53-C5BE3D7D43CB-10173-00000741306A16C5.jpg

 photo E6BC67D4-3730-46D0-A1CB-7D446D06C600-10173-000007412B373F88.jpg

 photo B5E0324C-1C32-4787-B57F-8FEE2299E058-10173-0000074125DFD44F.jpg

 photo 3B41C5A6-EAB6-4A44-821E-759E0EE7C41B-10173-0000074120EEB305.jpg

What do you think? Can’t wait to see what the others look like on my nails now!!!

Thanks for reading. x



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