Kiko 333, HITS Hard Rock…. and a bit of a story!!

Good evening everyone!

Before I talk to you today about the polishes and my mani (I’ve tried nail art again… I know…..) I want to tell you a little story first!

About 7/8 years ago I bought a laptop. It ran windows vista and was the first computer of my own I ever owned! I worshiped that laptop and did everything possible to make sure that it worked to its best.

However a couple of years ago I made the decision to upgrade. I bought myself an iMac!! Yup, I’d already got an iPhone and and iPad, so I decided to make the next step into the Apple universe! I kept the laptop obviously but the imac was going to be my main computer of choice from then on.

Then I moved house. The area I had to use for my computer was gone and clutter was put into its place. I couldn’t really get near my mac let alone use it. So for the past 18 months its pretty much gathered dust apart from being turned on every now and then. Now thats ALOT of money to waste. Now I’ve started blogging properly AND I’m meant to be doing a degree I decided I need a proper space so that I can use my computer and get to my desk. And the laptop started to die….. error messages were a frequent occurrence. It wasn’t going to last much longer and I simply didn’t trust it with my college work or photographs.

A rearrange was in order. My poor OH was used to hump furniture about and some decorating was done. But the upshot is I now have a lovely new space which houses my computer and desk and I have space to work! Massive thanks to my OH who did the hard work, and without moaning once! I think the frequent supply of Costa coffee may have helped! lol

Anyway, there is a point to this story I promise. As I’ve mainly been blogging from my phone or the laptop pictures I’ve used on this blog have been taken with my iPhone, despite me saying that I’d get the camera up and running. Now I have access to my computer I can connect the camera to it and upload the pictures, rather than relying on photostream and the cloud. Therefore this blog I’m going to talk about the polishes in the title and I will post pictures taken with my camera and with my iPhone and I wonder if you can tell me which you prefer. I have to admit its easier with the iPhone and I’ve spent most of the day playing with my camera, its just totally different work out angles and light and how to use the damn thing other than to take pictures of people!

So Kiko 333 is a lovely deep purple polish. Formula was great, applyed really well and dried super fast. I used hole punch reinforcers as a temple and then added a bit of sparkle with Hard Rock from HITS. The HITS polish would be great on its on, as its completely opaque with 2 coats. I’ll use this one when I have a party to go to I think, as its totally sparkly!

So now to the pictures. These are taken with my iPhone.





You’ll see I managed to get a good close up in the last two pictures. Didn’t manage that at all with my camera. (see what I mean about the sparkles?)

Now for my Samsung point and shoot camera.





Ok then ladies, which do you prefer? iPhone or camera (with a bit more practice!!!).

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading. x



  1. LoolaBeanbag

    I prefer the iphone pics. Your photos keep getting better and better, these are the best yet x

  2. Dazza

    You’re iPhone ones have a more “warm” tint to them – also, the quality of the iPhone close up is surprising!

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