Gatsby Nail Art Fail!

You’ll notice that I mainly do swatches on my blog. As mentioned before nail art isn’t a strong point of mine. At all in fact and todays post proves that point!

I saw this fab Gatsby main ( by Nail Luxxe yesterday and decided I really wanted to give it a go! It looked so simple, what could go wrong! Well me of course.

I decided instead of using gold and black I’d use orange and to go over a lovely chocolate brown.



This orange is sooooo lovely. I love bright vibrant colours like this and I will use this again on its own without a doubt. It applied really well and dried quickly.

Unfortunately the problems started from here on! I waited a good few hours for the base colour to dry before applying my striping tape. Took AGES to get it all lined up. I have to admit I have no imagination of my own so I did copy Nail Luxxe’s fab design. Then I painted on my top coat. Again this is a gorgeous colour. Deep chocolate brown with a lovely shimmer. Will be a fab autumn colour.

I did two coats and waited a couple of minutes then with great anticipation pulled the striping tape off. Well. Unfortunately I picked a random colour of striping tape, and it was silver. My lovely vibrant orange is now dulled by the sticky of the striping tape and bits of silver that came off.

Then some of the lines weren’t straight and THEN I applied top coat. The brown smudged everywhere into what straight lines I did have and quite frankly it looks a mess. Nothing like my inspiration at all. Devastated. Let the pictures do the talking.




See what I mean? I have one more fail to post this week. That one will make you laugh!!

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Nail Luxxe

    I would hardly call it a fail! I like the idea of using different colours from the gold and black. The only nail that got messed up a bit was the middle one where it smudged. As always you have the best shades! That Kiko Orange is amazing!

  2. denyala

    I think it still looks pretty good. That being said, I know your pain! Whenever I try that technique I botch it. What’s the secret,, arugh!

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