Pink Pink and more Pink!!!

After yesterdays disaster I wanted to give nail art another go. And I failed again! The ladies at the NPAA forum had to deal with the mother of all tantrums! But in the end I sat quietly at my desk and did something else and this is the result.


I used these polishes


Kleancolor Halo Pink, Glitzology Cupid’s Arrow and Kiko 216.

I used Kiko 216 as my base colour. This is a lovely light pink and very work appropriate. It does apply a little streaky and if I was to be wearing this on its own I would apply 3 coats. In this instance I applied 2.


On my ring finger I then applied on coat of Glitzology Cupid’s Arrow. If you look at some of my earlier blog posts I reviewed a couple of Glitzology polishes and I was not that impressed. I think my general opinion was that quite frankly they were pretty in the bottle but pretty useless to apply. This one however didn’t apply to badly. There are hearts in the bottle that I had no hope of getting out but otherwise wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t want to apply a second coat however.

Unfortunately it would appear that the maker of Glitzology as vanished. She hasn’t posted on her Facebook page since March and her Etsy shop is shut. She did appear to be having some supply and demand problems even when I managed to get hold of mine, she held frequent 50% off sales and this caused her order book to shoot through the roof. Which wasn’t ideal as it appears she worked full time as well.

Looking at her Facebook page she seems to have vanished without fulfilling some peoples orders which is a shame to be honest, but I hope that she reappears soon to make amends.

On the rest of my fingers I used the Kleancolor. I bought this in a blog sale from one of the lovely ladies in the forum and has sat in my untrieds for quite some time. I’m asounded as to why because its a gorgeous polish and when the light catches it….. *sigh*.

The only downside is even now the polish isn’t ‘hard’. I keep putting dents in it even this afternoon when I was trying to do the button up on my trousers! Anyway I applied 2 coats of this over the Kiko and it applied really well.

This polish can’t be bought in shops here in the UK that I know of. Has to be brought in from the States. Used to be really cheap to do that, but since USPS raised their prices its not really cost effective anymore which is a shame.



Shade pictures. I think this mani would look lovely with a tan!


Look at the sparkles in the sun!!!



Couple of dodgy close ups for you.


But of a rubbish picture but shows the holographic sparkles a bit.

I think if you can get hold of any of these polishes it would be a worthwhile investment.

Thanks for reading x



  1. LoolaBeanbag

    Wow, you’ve changed my opinion of soft/mid pink – I really love it!
    (And there’s nothing dodgy about your close ups! the sparkle shows brilliantly).

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