Barry M Gelly – Guava

I have to admit I’m a little ‘pinked’ out after having two pink mani’s recently so I decided to change colour completely and go back to my comfort zone. Swatching!


After a bit of a drama in receiving the new Gelly’s from Superdrug, I was quite excited to try one of them out and decided to go with this really gorgeous turquoise.

I am going to be honest here and go against the grain, but the polish was really hard to apply. Its very thick and thankfully it does self level quite quickly. Its impossible to go over areas which weren’t applied quite right the first time as the polish does drag a bit! So its really better to one coat and hope the second levels it all out, as you can’t go over it again! I noticed that when I was applying this the polish also tending to go a bit stringy. Has anyone else noticed this? Did I get a bad polish?!

Regardless, I adore the colour and I will use it again. I will use the others and hope they aren’t the same! It does dry to a glossy finish but takes FOREVER to do so. So I used China Glaze fast drying top coat on top for all of these piccies.






Gorgeous colour, bit tricky to apply.

Thanks for reading. x


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