Barry M Limited Edition polishes

As I’m sure most of you have heard Barry M has launched some limited edition polishes, two for exclusively for Superdrug and two for Boots.

Superdrug has a pink and a green and Boots has another shade of pink and a yellow.

Well I didn’t really fancy the Superdrug colours but I quite liked the look of the Boots colours. There was some talk on the Barry M Facebook page that not all Boots had them. So I decided to trek into town today (and if you knew where I worked in comparison to our town centre you’d understand this was a trek, and in a hour! I was being ambitious!) and see if I could track them down!

The shelf in the store had all the confettis and none of the LE’s so I decided to ask an assistant who actually turned out to be the assistant manager! She looked it up on the computer and I pointed the relevant line out to her. She sent someone up to the stock room to check and she came back with them!!

Yippeee!! She also came down with the green which is meant to be LE to Superdrug!!!! Anyway as they were doing their buy one get one half price offer and I needed the pink nail art pen I decided to get it anyway! Little bit chuffed!!


Anyway if they don’t have them out, make sure you ask as apparently they don’t know a huge amount about them. Once I explained I was a collector the manager was happy to help.

I have heard however that the formulas aren’t that great. I’ll try to make time to swatch one of them tonight to see how they are and I’ll keep you informed!!

Thanks for reading x

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