Dollish Polish – We’re gonna need a bigger boat!!

Jaws is one of my faverourite all time movies. You know that once you hear that theme you are in for some blood, gore and really bad CGI!!!

Yup another Dolly today!


I really like the idea of this polish, red sparkle glitter or the blood of the sharks victims mixed in with the beautiful turquoise ocean. Little graphic? Sorry. I do love a bit of gore sometimes. Although the first time I watched Jaws the shark was a little disappointing but oh well. You can’t have everything. The book incidentally was also very good. Some plot lines they missed should really have been put into the film. The book was less about the shark but more about the people. Anyway I digress……

The polish was sheer so did take 3 coats to build up. Maybe a turquoise polish as a base coat would be a good idea? Formula was great as usual.





Really like this one. I wish again the sun was out as I really think the base colour would have really stood out!

Is this one that you’d buy?

Thanks for reading x


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