Barry M – Limited Edition Summer Polishes

As mentioned the other day I managed to pick these polishes up! I couldn’t decide what to use first and I didn’t have time for a gradient clean up so I did a skittle!


The yellow applied very streaky on the first coat and then went patchy in the second. I ended up doing three coats which didn’t really look right to me at all. I have yellows with a much better formula.

The pink was super neon in the bottle and I couldn’t wait to put it on! But its a jelly which is obviously sheer. I applied three coats and I still had VNL but I didn’t have time to do another. Also once on the nails the polish actually looked red and not pink! One of my work colleagues said to me today ‘oh that red polish is nice’. I explained that it was meant to be pink but she wasn’t convinced.

The polish wasn’t as watery as I was afraid it would be but very sheer. If I used this again it would be over a base coat of white and hopefully with lesser coats look more pink!!




Hopefully they’ll start to be a bit easier to get hold of soon enough!

Thanks for reading x (and don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t already!!!).

One comment

  1. Dazza

    You can see the pink more at the base, but it does look red in the photos too. Nice and bright combo though 🙂

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