Sally Hansen – Hot Lava!

This is a polish I’ve debated blogging about because I’m not sure if you can buy it in the UK, however since my recent influx of new followers (have you entered the giveaway?) I note that some of you are from the States that I should blog anyway. This is blog is about the polish I wear and I wore this!!


This polish was brought back from the USA for me as a present from a family member who was over there for a trip. She just picked a couple of polishes at random and this was one of them! After doing a Google I’ve established that this polish is from the Spring 2013 Limited Edition Designers range! Wow, she did good!

Formula was a little watery so did flood my cuticles a little so some clean up necessary. Otherwise it was good, opaque in 2 coats. I decided to jazz this up by using some gold studs I bought a while ago from the Born Pretty Store but hadn’t used. I really liked that they brought something different to the mani and I have a feeling you’ll be seeing studs around here a lot more in the next few weeks!!

However one did fall off my right hand earlier on today, so clearly was not stuck down enough but the rest seem to be holding on ok!







I really love this colour, in different lights you can see a different shimmer. Orange is its base with gold shimmer and then in other lights pink and then I think there is a bit of red in there as well.

Really love this colour and will wear it again during the summer months.

Thanks for reading x



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