I’m back!!!

Hello hello!!

I’m back from my hols and am suffering from a severe case of post holiday blues. I’m already looking at prices for booking another one. Looking to go and get some winter sun this time. Around November time. Counting down the weeks already!!!

Whilst I was away though I did manage to find some polish!! Shocker I know (not!) so a little haul post for you first of all! I’ll be posting what I wore on my holidays during the week.

I went to Corralejo in Fuetureventura. The weather was a bit iffy towards the beginning of the week which allowed me some exploring time! Right next door to our hotel was a shopping centre and within this was a shop called Fund Grube which is my new favourite shop abroad. According to their carrier bag they have shops across all of the four Canary Islands so make sure if you are visiting to take a look. They sell EVERYTHING! Clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, make up, smokes etc etc. As I’m sure you know these resorts have a lot of perfumeries but none of them sold nail polish other than higher end ones which actually worked out cheaper here than there, figure that one out. So I was really pleased when I found this shop! Ok enough talking, this is what I got!


These polishes were only ā‚¬1.99 each and the stand had loads of them, all in basic colours. However I was trying to find something a little different and I hope I did with these two colours. Looking at the bottles these are a Spanish only brand as they are made in Spain according to the label. I’ve had a little google but cannot find anything about them, not even any swatches. Please feel free to have a try and let me know if you find anything!

They don’t have names, just numbers. The gold is number 22 and the blue is 32. I’m really looking forward to trying them out!


I found a very small stand hidden away behind lots of other items of the Layla Gel Polishes. I know Sally Magpies has started stocking these recently so I was very keen to get hold of one and although I know I could have got this from Sally’s, it was right there in front of me! Looking forward to giving this one the wear test.


From L-R – 042 Citrus Cocktail, LC06 Skyline, LC05 Gridlock

This brand seems to be an European one. They were also cheap at ā‚¬2.50 each. They had a big stand with lots of basic colours but again I went for something different. The orange appears to be your basic creme but the blue and the purple are concrete effect and are a special edition apparently.

I have done a little google and there are some swatches out there. If they are as good as I’ve read, I’ll be trying to find out where I can get them if necessary. And they have names AND numbers!!


Lola Quick Dry topcoat.

This appears again to be a Spanish brand. They were were a little more expensive at ā‚¬5.50 each. I just got a top coat as the other colours just didn’t quite take my fancy.

Will look forward to trying that out soon.


From L-R 10, 05, 03, 06

Again hidden away at the back of the store was a range of softouch Laylas.

I bought loads of these from Sally Magpies when she first got them in and I have to admit I really did like them. So I bought a few more! I’ve just had a look and currently Sally doesn’t have them in stock so I’m glad I managed to grab them when I did!!!! The blue and pink look beautiful and I can’t wait to get them on!!

And just to finish off this post I thought I’d share a couple of holiday piccies with you.


That was at 11.45am!!! Bit warm!!


Beach was really lovely.


And in the evening was a beautiful place to watch the sun go down.


And the sand between my toes!! Polish is Color Club Miss Bliss which applied like a dream and didn’t dull with a top coat!

Thanks for reading! x


One comment

  1. Nail Luxxe

    What a fantastic post! Those holiday pics have made me seriously jealous – all that heat and before midday! The Colour Club holo on your toes is so pretty. The sun really shows off all its dimensions. Wouldn’t of thought to use a holo for a pedicure so thanks for that! šŸ™‚

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