Silver halo comparison post!

So the Friday evening before my hols I knew I needed to enter the sun shine wearing a halo! But I couldn’t decide which halo to wear. So I wore two and used it as a bit of a comparison!

The two halos used were GOSH For One Night Only and Color Club Harp on It.

The CC applied better than the GOSH as the latter went a little patchy. It evened up eventually however. Both polishes dried quickly. No topcoats used so I can’t comment on any dulling.


Artificial Light


Artificial Light



GOSH is on my thumb, middle finger and pinkie with the CC on index and ring finger.

The Color Club wins every time in my mind. I remember first wearing the GOSH however (it was my first halo) and I was completely wowed by it!! How things have changed.

Doesn’t the CC look stunning in sunlight?

Wear time, the GOSH chipped almost immediately sadly but the CC was still good but due to the GOSH chips the whole mani was removed.

I bought the Color Club from the lovely Sally Magpie’s and the GOSH from Superdrug. Was meant to be a LE but I still see it in stock.

More holiday polishes coming this week so stay tuned!!

Thanks for reading x


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