Make Up Store – Britta

Another holiday halo today! This time from a brand which I knew, and still don’t, know a lot about.

I went to Westfield shopping centre in Shepards Bush last year and went into the shop called Make Up Store and they had polishes! A quick google on the phone later and I picked up this beauty!


Application, well it was tricky I’ll be honest. I used OPI Nail Envy as my base coat as always and this little bugger didn’t like it one bit!! It was patchy and dragged something horrible. This took 4 coats on some nails to even it out. It maybe better if you use a halo base coat but I do not have one. Make Up Store do and recommend that you buy that to use with this polish. So mixture of 3/4 coats to get it even. I didn’t use a top coat but this did dry very quickly despite the number of coats.





It was worth it though, look at the halo!!



However you will note that on my thumb there is a scratch. I took this photos the morning after I painted my nails and I have no idea how they scratch got there!

This is a polish, in the same way as GOSH For One Night Only, you can only wear it for one night. It was completely trashed by the end of the day, chips and scratches and it didn’t like suntan lotion at all!! It went by 5pm of the day I took these photos!

However if you only want to wear it for a short time or are willing to topcoat then it may last longer. I’m not sure if the topcoat would dull or not as I didn’t try.

Really nice polish but wear time was rubbish and application was tricky. There are better pink halo’s out there.

Thanks for reading x

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